An Expert of Household Appliances

For over 30 years, TJ Supply Limited Partnership was founded in 1983 with the mission to produce quality home appliances at affordable prices. The company has been operating as a manufacturer with a permitted factory license and specialises in home appliances with heating and DC motor and related electronic devices. Our comprehensive capabilities for commercial production, which delivers one-stop solutions with value chain of all manufacturing mechanisms from upstream to downstream, connects various supplier networks of all materials and embrace different machines throughout the complete product life cycle. Our company aims to broaden product ranges and transform its performance and effectiveness with better technology to optimise manufacturing operations and strengthen productivity with the aid of human capital development to be skilful and proficient. We manufacture and deliver ready-to-use products and services based on customers’ requirements and specifications and meet their satisfaction, which are supported by our people, especially researchers, industrial designers, engineers, quality control staff and ISO auditors. During the past 10 years, we have paid high attention to market analysis, logistics and supply chain, especially research and development by collaborating with universities in Thailand and Australia to invent creative and practical products and deliver positive outcomes that can overcome customers’ sensitive issues, meet the compliance and standards, as well as market demands domestically and regionally in CLMV. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our products, as well as a dedicated and specialist team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. Our commitment is to manufacture appliances to the highest safety standards and performance levels through the procedures of testing, inspection and certification of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI).

Company History

The milestones and achievements of TJ Supply Limited Partnership are listed below:

1983 – Business establishment
1988 – Company registration
1994 – 1st permit for factory operation (Ror Ngor. Require to strive ones own fortune free no deposit spins. 4) in Bangkok, Thailand
2004 – 2nd permit for factory operation (Ror Ngor. 4) in Bangkok, Thailand
2006 – Thailand Industrial Standards Institute (TIS 366-2547) certificate for electric iron
2012 – 300,000 THB of Federation of Thai Industries-funded research project on the smart cut-off system in electric irons
2013 – Green Industry Level 3 certificate from the Ministry of Industry
2013 – Energy efficiency label No.5 for our electric iron from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
2013 – Thailand Trust Mark certificate from the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce
2017 – 1,170,000 THB of Thailand Research Fund-funded research project on smart temperature system for electric iron
2017 – 1,440,000 THB of National Innovation Agency-funded research project on polishing robot for aluminium soleplate
2017 – 30,000 AUD of Manufacturing Futures Research Institute Seed Grant, Swinburne University of Technology-funded research project on IoT based Home Appliance Systems (Smart Fan)
2017 – 1,898,000 THB of Thailand Research Fund-funded research project on smart electric iron
2017 – Practice certificate under the Intelligent SMEs project from the Department of Industrial Promotion
2017 – Customs Alliances certificate from the Thai Customs
2017 – Basic level of safety standard for SMEs certificate from the Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
2018 – Thailand Industrial Standards Institute (TISI 1641-2552) certificate for sandwich maker
2018 – Gold level of 3Rs and 3R+ award from the Department of Industrial Works for adapting the use of clean technology
2018 – Basic level of safety standard for SMEs certificate from the Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
2018 – Participation certificate under the productivity improvement project in logistics management for cost reduction and increased competitive advantage from the Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises Development
2018 – 1 out of 9 selected teams of Asia Hardware Battle 2018 (Thailand) for polishing robot
2018 – 2nd runner up with cash prize of 20,000 THB from the AI and Robotics Innovation Contest 2018
2018 – Selected team with cash prize of 20,000 THB from Delta Angel Fund for Startup #Batch 2 by Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited
2018 – Selected team to participate Startup Ready #Batch 3 by Bangkok Ventures
2018 – Selected team to be part of Sprint Accelerator #Batch 1 by Sasin and SCG
2019 – UKAS and NAC accreditations to ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification audited by SGS
2019 – Success case award of data visualization for people management to improve productivity in SMEs project from the Department of Industrial Promotion
2019 – Selected company with participation award for clean technology in home appliances, electronics and plastic industries from the Department of Industrial Works